In Memoriam, Dr. Sabina Avdagic

The current and previous coordinators of the SASE Network on Industrial Relations and Welfare were profoundly shocked to learn of the sudden and unexpected passing of our dear friend and esteemed colleague, Sabina Avdagic.  Sabina, a Reader in Political Economy at the University of Sussex, was an eminent scholar in the field of comparative political […]

SASE mourns Sabina Avdagic’s death

SASE mourns Sabina Avdagic’s sudden passing in January 2024. We send our profound condolences to her family and colleagues, and wish to express our gratitude for all that she brought to SASE in her many years with the organization. Sabina was actively involved in SASE activities since her graduate studies. In addition to her work […]

2024 Call for Executive Council Nominations

Every year, SASE holds an election for one-third of the seats on its Executive Council.  The SASE Nominations Committee now announces an open call for nominations. All current SASE members may nominate other scholars (SASE members and non-members alike) or themselves.  The Nominations Committee will collect the names sent as well as names generated directly […]

2024 SASE Limerick Contest

Yes, you’ve read it right… you are invited to participate in the 2024 SASE Limerick poetry contest! Winning limericks will be read at the award ceremony at the 2024 conference, and prizes are to be had. First of all – what is a limerick? Contest details Eligibility: your limerick should have a connection to SASE […]

Call for Papers: International Workshop and Summer School on the Political Economy of Green-Digital Transition

    Call for Papers: International Workshop and Summer School on the Political Economy of Green-Digital Transition What is it about The International Workshop & Summer School on the Political Economy of Green-Digital Transition is an interdisciplinary event that seeks to unravel the complex relationship between environmental sustainability, digital innovations, and economic restructuring. We aim to […]

Call for Papers for a special issue on “Polycrisis”

    Call for Papers: Special Issue on Polycrisis We are excited to announce a call for papers for a forthcoming special issue titled “Polycrisis,” to be edited by Charles Dannreuther, Annina Kaltenbrunner, and Oliver Kessler. This issue seeks to delve into the complex and multifaceted challenges posed by the contemporary global political economy, characterized […]

Call for Papers: Inaugural UK Modern Monetary Theory Conference – The University of Leeds

  The University of Leeds July 15-17, 2024 FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS – DEADLINE EXTENDED (New Submissions Deadline: Thursday, March 28, 2024)   We have extended the deadline for the submission of abstracts until the 28th of March, 2024. Please find all the relevant information regarding submission in our Call for Papers below. We are thrilled to announce […]

Call for Papers for a special issue in Employee Relations on the topic of Managing the Twin Transformation: Driving Sustainability and Digitalisation in Organisations

    Call for Papers for a special issue in Employee Relations on the topic of Managing the Twin Transformation: Driving Sustainability and Digitalisation in Organisations   Guest Editors: Caroline Ruiner, Marion Büttgen, Ellen Weber, Siegmar Otto, Ronny Ehlen   Organisations are undergoing a transformation driven by two intertwined developments, digitalisation and sustainability, that is […]

CFP: Failure Regimes, 6-7 May 2024, Warsaw

CfP: Failure Regimes: Economization, Creolization and Moralization of Failing, 6-7 May 2024, Warsaw Venue: University of Warsaw Organizers: Failure Lab (University of Warsaw) & Economic Sociology Section (Polish Sociological Association)   Critical failure studies have made a major breakthrough when it comes to the theoretical framing and methodological imaginary of failure. This entails first and foremost switching from […]

Call for Papers: Political Economy of Finance Summer School

  Monday, June 17 –Friday, June 21, 2024 The summer school will connect promising young researchers with some of the leading scholars of finance. Those interested in attending should apply via the following link (Deadline: February 1, 2024) CLICK TO APPLY Dates 17-21 June 2024 Organizers Benjamin Braun (MPIfG) and Mark Blyth (Brown University) Location Watson Institute […]

Call for Papers: NoPSA Congress in Bergen , 25 28 June 2024

    The call for papers for the NoPSA conference in Bergen is now open. The deadline for submitting paper proposals is 15 December 2023. We kindly ask you to send your abstract and title to the chairs of the workshop. Information about the workshops can be found in the link below.  You apply to […]

2024 Alice Amsden Book Award – Call for nominations

  2024 Alice Amsden Book Award Call for nominations The Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) invites nominations for its 2024 Alice Amsden Book Award for an outstanding scholarly book that breaks new ground in the study of socio-economics. Eligible books must have a 2022 or 2023 first edition publication date and cannot be […]

Call for Papers- Revista de Economia Contemporânea – REC (Journal of Contemporary Economics)

Revista de Economia Contemporânea – REC (Journal of Contemporary Economics, is a fully open-access journal edited by the Institute of Economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. REC welcomes original research-based academic papers that address topics of domestic, regional, or international interest and give a theoretical, methodological, or empirical contribution to […]

Prof. María Ángeles Durán Heras Joins SASE as Honorary Member

We are thrilled to announce that Prof. María Ángeles Durán Heras has been elected as an honorary member of the Society for the Advance of Socioeconomics (SASE). SASE President Santos Ruesga nominated her in recognition of Dr. Durán Heras’s remarkable contributions to the field of sociology. Prof. María Ángeles Durán Heras was the first woman in Spain to obtain […]

Announcement of the 2023 David Marsden Best Paper Prize Recipient

The David Marsden Best Paper Prize was created in commemoration of Professor David Marsden, who founded and coordinated Network G.  The $500 prize is funded by the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics. The prize jury (Ginny Doellgast, Alice Lam, and Jill Rubery) looked for papers that address substantive questions and issues related to Network G: […]

Portuguese Translation of The Moral Dimension by Amitai Etzioni

We are delighted to announce the publication of the Portuguese translation of Amitai Etzioni’s renowned book, The Moral Dimension: Toward a New Economics. This publication marks a significant milestone in making Etzioni’s influential work accessible to a broader audience. The Portuguese translation was released last year through the collaboration of two esteemed Brazilian public universities. […]

Interview with SASE President Santos Ruesga

Santos Ruesga is Professor of Applied Economics at the Autonomous University of Madrid and the President of SASE in the 2022-2023 academic year. His specialization is the study of labor relations, the informal economy, and Latin American economies from macroeconomic and empirical perspectives. He has been a member of the SASE since 2006; served on SASE’s […]

The Increasing Role of Environmental-Labor Alliances in Climate Policy in US States: Examples from New York and Illinois

SASE Blog Editor Irem Inal writes on the recent successes for environmental justice and just transition in US climate policy and the conditions that have allowed for more ambitious legislation to pass.

SER Café – June 19th

The third SER Café of 2023 will feature Cèline Bessiére, Daria Tisch, and Tamara Gutfleisch on the relationship between intergenerational transfers, wealth, and gender inequality.

Unraveling Spiderweb Capitalism: A Conversation with Kimberly Kay Hoang

Blog editor Anna Woźny speaks with Prof. Kimberly Kay Hoang about her latest book, Spiderweb Capitalism: How Global Elites Exploit Frontier Markets (Princeton University Press, 2022).

SASE 2023 Alice Amsden Best Book Award

We are very proud to announce the winner of the 2023 Alice Amsden Best Book Award, Hedged Out: Inequality and Insecurity on Wall Street, by Megan Tobias Neely.

COVID-19 and the Emergence of Collective Identity among Platform Workers in India

SASE Blog Editor Swati Chintala writes on the possibility of collective action by platform workers and the pandemic’s role in the emergence of a collective identity despite atomizing platform practices.

2023 SER Best Article Prize

We are delighted to announce the winner of this year’s SER Best Article Prize: “Gender identity and wives’ labor market outcomes in West and East Germany between 1983 and 2016” by Maximilian Sprengholz, Anna Wieber, and Elke Holst.

Network O’s GVC Conversations 2023 Webinar Series

The new season of Network O (Global Value Chains) webinar series continues on March 30th!

Regulating Platform Economy in Europe: New Avenues of Research and the Emergence of a New European Social Model

SASE Blog Editor Joshua Cova examines what changes the EU’s policy package on improving working conditions in platform work can herald for platform workers and what it might mean, in turn, for our understanding of the European social model.

Alice Amsden Podcast

Amden’s students, colleagues, and family along with a new generation of researchers in the field of industrial policy reflect on Alice’s research and work, and her ideas for a just and equitable society in this new podcast series by Neeta Misra.

Rio Conference Site Change

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the 2023 SASE conference will not be held at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) as previously announced, although the UFRJ will remain the official local host of the conference. The conference will instead be held at the Windsor Florida Hotel, not far away. If you have already made […]

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

SASE grieves the tremendous losses caused by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and sends its condolences to our colleagues and their loved ones most directly affected by this tragedy. Please click through to find links to aid those in need, following a summary of the current state of affairs.

SER Café

SER Café is a forum where you can virtually meet the authors of papers recently published in Socio-Economic Review (SER). The first SER Café of 2023 was held with Ekaterina Svetlova (University of Twente) and Akos Rona-Tas (UC San Diego) about the relationship between technology, economy, and society. Stay tuned for more events!

Future Directions in Socio-Economics 2023

Announcing the incoming editorial team of SASE’s blog, Future Directions in Socio-Economics, and a sketch of the year in articles to come.

Doing a PhD while the house is on fire? How to navigate academic development at a time of unprecedented crisis

This free online seminar offers a platform for PhD researchers to discuss issues of professional development, research ethics and personal positioning in a time of unprecedented climate, ecological and social uncertainty and crisis

On Editing a Journal: An Interview with the New Chief Editors of Socio-Economic Review

The latest issue of Accounts features an interview with SER Chief Editors Alya Guseva and Akos Rona-Tas on digitalization, new initiatives, DEI, and more.

SASE Thanks Founder Amitai Etzioni

In his farewell message, Amitai Etzioni has shared links to his personal account of the trials he underwent as an activist professor and a video in which he gives a concise overview of his life story. In the context of this retirement, Prof. Etzioni also took steps to ensure the future of SASE with a very generous donation to the organization. SASE is deeply indebted to Prof. Etzioni’s energy and generosity, both for the impetus of creating the organization in the first place, and for his timely donation to help the organization move confidently into the future.

SER Call for Special Issue Proposals

Socio-Economic Review is pleased to invite proposals for either of the thematic Special Issues to be published in 2023 or 2024. Deadline: 31 July

Call for Papers: Socio-Economic Review Special Issue on Gender and Wealth Accumulation

SER invites paper submissions for its upcoming special issue, “Gender and Wealth Accumulation: An Intersectional and International Perspective,” guest edited by Céline Bessière and Maude Pugliese.

Book Launch: Global Production, National Institutions, and Skill Formation

Join Marius Busemeyer, Christel Lane, Ben Ross Schneider, and Gregory Jackson for the hybrid launch of Merve Sancak’s new book, “Global Production, National Institutions, and Skill Formation”.

2022 SASE Election Results

We are excited to announce SASE’s new President-Elect, Treasurer, and our new and re-elected Executive Council members!

The World Politics of Social Investment

Three chapters from the newly published, two-volume The World Politics of Social Investment, edited by Julian L. Garritzmann, Silja Häusermann, and Bruno Palier, are available in open access.

Interview with SASE President Jacqueline O’Reilly

What has anarchism and activism got to do with socio-economics? How does someone get from attending the first SASE conference to becoming the organization’s president? What is the role of academic societies in these insecure times? In this interview, Jacqueline O’Reilly reflects on her eventful stint as SASE President.

2022 David Marsden Best Paper Prize

The jury is delighted to announce its unanimous decision to award the inaugural David Marsden Best Paper Prize to “So near and yet so far: a new look at the comparison of the French and British models”, written by Thomas Amossé (CNAM, Lise, CEET), Héloïse Petit (CNAM, Lirsa, CEET), Alex Bryson (University College London), and John Forth (City University London).

Interview: “Connecting the Dots” Mini-Conference at SASE 2022

Blog editor Melike Arslan interviews the organizers of the 2022 mini-conference “Connecting the Dots between Global Capitalism and National Capitalisms”.

New Perspectives on Deindustrialization as Socio-Economic Disintegration

Blog Chief Editor Gábor Scheiring and co-author Anne-Marie Jeannet present a case for considering deindustrialization as a form of socio-economic disintegration in preparation for their mini-conference on the subject.

SASE 2022 Alice Amsden Best Book Award

We’re proud to announce this year’s Alice Amsden Best Book Award winner and honorable mentions

Book Review: You’re Paid What You’re Worth and Other Myths of the Modern Economy

PhD candidate and former SASE Blog Chief Editor Laura Adler review’s Jake Rosenfeld’s recent book “You’re Paid What You’re Worth and Other Myths of the Modern Economy”.

2022 Elinor Ostrom Prize Shortlist

Click through to view the shortlisted articles (with links!)

Democratic central banking: Danger or salvation?

If you’re able to come to Amsterdam a few days early, this conference on democratizing central banking taking place July 7-8 is open to general participation.

SER Café: A New Discussion Forum

SASE is proud to sponsor SER Café, a new online, real-time discussion forum where members of the audience can virtually meet and interact with the authors of one or two papers recently published in Socio-Economic Review. The inaugural SER Café will take place on 3 June at 4pm UTC.

2022 SER Best Article Prize

We are delighted to announce the winner of this year’s SER Best Article Prize: “Creating crony capitalism: neoliberal globalization and the fuelling of corruption” by Bernhard Reinsberg, Alexander Kentikelenis, and Thomas Stubbs.

DAAD Program of project-related exchange of people

The Federal University of Goiás (UFG) is looking for partners from educational institutions based in Germany to participate in the CAPES/DAAD-Probral program. In particular, the UFG is looking for researchers in the areas of applied economics (agribusiness, labor economics, innovation economics, health economics, quantitative methods and industrial organization).

Emergency Online Teaching: Employability Enhancer or Labor Market Barrier?

Blog editor Javier Baquero considers the implications of emergency online teaching for university graduates entering the labor market.