Amitai Etzioni

In Memory of Amitai Etzioni

Wolfgang Streeck In Memory of Amitai Etzioni Amitai Etzioni, who founded SASE in 1989, was born in January 4, 1929, in Cologne, Germany, under the name of Werner Falk. Five years later, a year after Hitler had taken power, his family fled to England. Following several detours, they reached Palestine in 1937, where he grew […]

SASE Mourns the Passing of Amitai Etzioni

SASE mourns the passing of its founder, Amitai Etzioni. He was the driving force, in every respect, behind this organization in its early years. Amitai Etzioni founded SASE in 1989, just a year after he published The Moral Dimension: Toward A New Economics. This book was a major foundational text for socio-economics, and for SASE […]