SASE Women and Gender (WAG) Forum

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Recent and upcoming events

To increase the visibility of women and gender+ scholars and to create a network for exchange and collaboration, WAG has planned a series of online events over the coming months, as well as an on-site event in Rio at the annual SASE conference.


  • 24 May 2023, 17-18:30 CET – virtual event: “Gender in the field of socio-economics – current and future perspectives/visions” – A presentation by Dr. Julia Bartosch of recent findings on publication patterns in the Socio-Economic Review, followed by a discussion to reflect on current practices. With the participation of SER chief editors Alya Guseva and Akos Rona-Tas, as well as SER editor Nina Bandelj. WATCH
  • July 12, 16-17:30 CET – virtual event: “Gender Inequalities in Academia” – Discussion on gender inequalities in academia and the challenges faced within this system. Details and registration here.
  • During the SASE conference:
    • July 19, 6:30-8:30pm: Informal WAG networking dinner. Interested parties should email to RSVP and get details about the location. It will be at a restaurant near the conference venue, and is self-pay.
    • July 22, 10:30-12: A WAG discussion session, followed by an informal networking lunch (free for all participants).
  • Later in 2023, the WAG Forum, together with the Centre for Feminist Research at York University and Elaine Coburn, will host an online panel discussion on insights and lessons from feminist scholars.

General overview of the SASE Women and Gender Forum

The Women and Gender Forum at SASE (WAG), established in 2017, aims to combat gender inequality in SASE and the greater academic community, under the general aim of promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in academia and society in general. Established in response to a pressing need for the representation of women and gender+ at different levels of leadership roles, we continue to support women and gender+ representation in SASE across research groups. The WAG forum is a space to increase visibility, amplify voices, and to build networks of women and gender+ researchers as well as those whose research is on women and gender+. We deal with various issues women and gender+ scholars face in academia, such as publishing challenges, work-life balance, leadership roles, or career progression. Knowing the mechanisms leading to inequalities, our focus is not only limited to gender, but also on supporting other marginalised groups (including ethnic, racial, and religious minorities, and different socio-economic classes). We aim to meet these goals through the following action points:   


  • Providing a space for the visibility of women and gender+ scholars and their work
  • Establishing a network of women and gender+ scholars as well as those whose research areas cover women and gender+ in SASE through networking events
  • Organising events to stimulate the discussions on the pressing issues faced in academia and beyond
  • Monitoring and supporting women’s and gender+ representation within SASE across research groups and at different leadership levels


Current WAG committee members are: Julia Bartosch (Radboud University), Theresa Hager (JKU Linz), Audrey Harroche (Oxford Brookes University/Sciences Po), Enja Marie Herdejürgen (Paderborn University), Lucilene Morandi (UFF Brazil), and Hyojin Seo (KU Leuven).

WAG was established in 2017 by Dorottya Sallai and its committee members consisted of Sarah Ashwin, Chiara Benassi, Virginia L Doellgast, Jacqueline O’Reilly, and Caroline Ruiner.


If you have any suggestions as to what we can do as a forum, please feel free to get in touch with the committee members at

You can find the Women and Gender Forum collection of recent articles and data on gender and the pandemic around the world here, and recordings of select WAG events here.