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Tying Micro and Macro: What Fills up the Sociological Vacuum? By Mikolaj Pawlak Sociology as Analysis of the Unintended By Adriana Mica California Greenin’: How the Golden State Became an Environmental Leader By David Vogel The Imaginary Empire: Portugal between two globalizations By Guilherme Azevedo Welfare Democracies and Party Politics: Explaining Electoral Dynamics in Times of Changing Welfare Capitalism Edited by Philip Manow, Bruno Palier, and Hanna Schwander From Taverns to Gastropubs: Food, Drink, and Sociality in England By Christel Lane Rules without Rights: Land, Labor, and Private Authority in the Global Economy by Tim Bartley Root-Cause Regulation: Protecting Work and Workers in the Twenty-First Century by Michael Piore and Andrew Schrank Happiness is the Wrong Metric: A Liberal Communitarian Response to Populism by SASE Founder Amitai Etzioni Marketcraft: How Governments Make Markets Work by Steven K. Vogel Discount code ASFLYQ6 to save 30% The Kites By Romain Gary; translated by former SASE Staff member Miranda Richmond Mouillot L’Investissement Social: Quelle Stratégie Pour La France? By Cyprien Avenel, Marine Boisson-Cohen, Sandrine Dauphin, Nicolas Duvoux, Christophe Fourel, Manon Jullien, Bruno Palier Working Law: Courts, Corporations, and Symbolic Civil Rights By Lauren B. Edelman Firms as Political Entities: Saving Democracy through Economic Bicameralism by Isabelle Ferreras The Architecture of Illegal Markets: Towards an Economic Sociology of Illegality in the Economy Edited by Jens Beckert and Matías Dewey Reconfiguring European States in Crisis Edited by Desmond King and Patrick Le Galès Trajectories of Neoliberal Transformation: European Industrial Relations Since the 1970s By Lucio Baccaro and Chris Howell Avoiding War with China: Two Nations, One World By Amitai Etzioni Policy Shock: Recalibrating Risk and Regulation After Oil Spills, Nuclear Accidents, and Financial Crises Edited by Edward Balleisen, Lori Bennear, Kimberly Krawiec, and Jonathan Wiener Worst-Case Economics: Extreme Events in Climate and Finance By Frank Ackerman Chains of Finance: How Investment Management is Shaped By Diane-Laure Arjaliès, Philip Grant, Iain Hardie, Donald MacKenzie, and Ekaterina Svetlova Neoliberalism By Damien Cahill and Martijn Konings Asia after the Developmental State: Disembedding Autonomy Edited by Toby Carroll and Darryl S. L. Jarvis Des médicaments à tout prix By Etienne Nouguez Colin Crouch - Can Neoliberalism be Saved from Itself Can Neoliberalism Be Saved from Itself? By Colin Crouch Visible Hands By Jette Steen Knudsen and Jeremy Moon Experiments in Public Management Research: Challenges and Contributions Edited by Oliver James, Sebastian R. Jilke, and Gregg G. Van Ryzin Law’s Regulatory Relevance? Property, Power and Market Economies By Mark Findlay Local Clusters in Global Value Chains: Linking Actors and Territories Through Manufacturing and Innovation Edited by Valentina De Marchi, Eleonora Di Maria, and Gary Gereffi Se doper pour travailler Edited by Renaud Crespin, Dominique Lhuilier, and Gladys Lutz Lobbyists and Bureaucrats in Brussels: Capitalism’s Brokers By Sylvain Laurens The Quest for Universal Social Policy in the South - Martinez-Franzoni and Sanchez-Anchonea The Quest for Universal Social Policy in the South By Juliana Martinez-Franzoni and Diego Sanchez-Anchonea - Books from Authors meet Critics, SASE Lyon 2017 L'rdre de la dette - Lemoine L’ordre de la dette: Enquête sur les infortunes de l’État et la prospérité du marché By Benjamin Lemoine - Books from Authors meet Critics, SASE Lyon 2017 Capitals without Borders - Wealth managers and the One Percent Capitals without Borders: Wealth Managers and the One Percent By Brooke Harrington - Books from Authors meet Critics, SASE Lyon 2017 Wages, Bonuses and Appropriation of Profit in the Financial Industry: The Working Rich By Olivier Godechot Neoliberalism and the Moral Economy of Fraud Edited by David Whyte and Jörg Wiegratz Property, Predation, and Protection: Piranha Capitalism in Russia and Ukraine By Stanislav Markus, Winner of the 2016 Stein Rokkan Prize Getting Respect: Responding to Stigma and Discrimination in the United States, Brazil, and Israel By Michèle Lamont, Graziella Moraes Silva, Jessica S. Welburn, Joshua Guetzkow, Nissim Mizrachi, Hanna Herzog & Elisa Reis Environmental Politics: A Very Short Introduction By Andrew Dobson The Cultivation of Taste By Christel Lane L’Instrumentation de l’action publique – Controverses, résistance, effets By Patrick Le Galès, Charlotte Halpern, et Pierre Lascoumes