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Remaking Money for a Sustainable Future: Money Commons By Ester Barinaga Martín Governing the Firm in the Social Interest: Corporate Governance Reimagined By Catherine Casey Practicing Sociology: Tacit Knowledge for the Social Scientific Craft By David Stark Taming the Cycles of Finance? Central Banks and the Macro-prudential Shift in Financial Regulation By Matthias Thiemann Volume 14 Issue 1 – Framing the policy-making: theories, expertise and the law February 2024 Issue of Accounting, Economics, and Law: A Convivium By Reuven S. Avi-Yonah, Yuri Biondi, Shyam Sunder.  Global Value Chain studies: taking stock, looking ahead By Valentina De Marchi , Marco Bettiol , Eleonora Di Maria The Future of Work in Diverse Economic Systems By Daniel Friel Hé Patron! – pour une révolution dans l’entreprise By David ‘Cartoon Dave’ Hackett, Miranda Richmond Mouillot, Isabelle Ferreras, Pierre François, Hélène Landemore, Ben Mc Kean, Sanjay Pinto, Paulin Ismard, Max Krahé, Liam McHugh-Russell, Robert Fannion and Auriane Lamine.  Juger le singulier L’évaluation de la musique contemporaine en France et aux États-Unis By Annelies Fryberger Contested Money Toward a New Social Contract By Matilde Massó Accounting, Economics, and Law: A Convivium by Reuven S. Avi-Yonah, Yuri Biondi, Shyam Sunder. A Chinese Bureaucracy for Innovation-Driven Development? by Alexandre de Podestá Gomes and Tobias ten Brink Grand challenges and the Nordic model: regulatory responses and outcomes Symposium for Regulation & Governance by Caroline de la Porte,  Mads Dagnis Jensen,  Jon Kvist Deserved Economic Memories After the Fall of the Iron Curtain by Till Hilmar Data Money: Inside Cryptocurrencies, Their Communities, Markets, and Blockchains by Koray Caliskan The Power of Organizations: A New Approach to Organizational Theory by Heather Haveman Thinking like an Economist: How Efficiency Replaced Equality in U.S. Public Policy by Elizabeth Popp Berman Viral Justice: How We Grow the World We Want by Ruha Benjamin Trading at the Speed of Light: How Ultrafast Algorithms Are Transforming Financial Markets by Donald MacKenzie The Contested World Economy: The Deep and Global Roots of International Political Economy by Eric Helleiner Edward Elgar Handbook of Industrial Development Edited by Patrizio Bianchi, Sandrine Labory, and Philip R. Tomlinson Business and Populism: The Odd Couple? by Magnus Feldmann and Glenn Morgan Accounting, Economics, and Law: A Convivium – Volume 13 Issue 1 Routledge International Handbook of Failure Edited By Adriana Mica, Mikołaj Pawlak, Anna Horolets, and Paweł Kubicki The Migration-Development Regime: How Class Shapes Indian Emigration by Rina Agarwala Democracy at Work: Contract, Status and Post-Industrial Justice by Ruth Dukes & Wolfgang Streeck Accounting, Economics, and Law: A Convivium – Volume 12 Issue 4 The Economy of Promises: Trust, Power, and Credit in America by Bruce G. Carruthers State-Firm Coordination and Upgrading by Angela Garcia Calvo Faces of Precarity: Critical Perspectives on Work, Subjectivities and Struggles Edited by Joseph Choonara, Annalisa Murgia, and Renato Miguel Carmo