Imagining Economic Sociology: Or what is socio-economics anyway?

Neil Fligstein`s engaging and provocative SASE early career workshop session, from June 23rd 2016 at UC Berkeley, on the meaning of socio-economics today is now available to download here.

Successful SASE inaugural early career workshop

SASE held its inaugural workshop for early career researchers at its 2016 conference in Berkeley, California. It was an opportunity for SASE to support the development of its next generation of scholars and feedback was enthusiastic: "It allowed me to develop ideas and forge relationships that will be important well beyond the SASE conference" said Columbia University PhD student Pierre-Christian Fink.

Call for Contributions

Discussion Forum in Socio-Economic Review

Brexit: Understanding the Socio-Economic Origins and Possible Consequences
SER invites contributions that apply theoretical concepts or offer interesting empirical observations about the socio-economic origins or likely consequences of Brexit. Contributions are expected to be 1,000 to 2,000 words in length and written for a broad audience. The SER editors will select a small collection of contributions to be published as a Discussion Forum in the next issue of Socio-Economic Review. Meanwhile, additional submissions that could be included in the main Discussion Forum will be featured in a special

on-line blog forum on the SASE website.