SASE 2024 Presidential and Executive Council Elections

The SASE 2024 Presidential and Executive Council elections are currently live – if you are a current SASE member, you have received a prompt to vote. SASE wishes to thank all candidates for being willing to run, and all members for voting in the election! 

Presidential candidate

The Presidential Search Committee nominated long-term SASE member Roberto Pedersini for President-Elect. Roberto was a driving force behind the creation of the SASE Early Career Workshop a decade ago, and has actively worked to keep this initiative going since then. He is also a past Executive Council member, and is intimately familiar with the inner workings and needs of SASE.  Roberto Pedersini is professor of Economic and Labour Sociology at the University of Milan, where he is head of the Department of Social and Political Sciences. He graduated with a degree in economics and obtained a PhD in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research, with a dissertation on privatisation processes in central and eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland).

Executive Council

The 24-member SASE Executive Council holds an election for one-third of its seats each year. The current SASE Executive Council can be viewed here: Officers, Honorary Fellows, Executive Council, and Committees – SASE.  This year, 3 incumbent candidates are running, and the Nominations Committee received self-nominations and reached out to active SASE members to compose a ballot of 11 candidates:

Marta Reis Castilho is a Professor at the Institute of Economics of the UFRJ (Brazil) where she is Coordinator of the Research Group on Industry and Competitiveness (GIC). She is up for re-election.

Timur Ergen is a senior researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne. He is hoping to serve a second term on SASE’s Executive Council.

Xiaoguang Fan’s current work seeks to understand how macro-societal and meso-organizational forces reshape the formation of economic elites in China and the United States.

James Faulconbridge is Professor and Deputy Dean at Lancaster University Management School.

As a co-organizer of SASE’s Network Q on Asian Capitalisms, Nana de Graaf would be delighted to remain part of the Executive Council for another term.

Tine Hanrieder is Associate Professor in Health and International Development at the London School of Economics.

Barbara Kiviat is an assistant professor in the department of sociology at Stanford University.

Megan Tobias Neely is Assistant Professor in the Department of Organization at Copenhagen Business School and a faculty affiliate of Stanford University’s Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab.

Valeria Pulignano is Full Professor of Sociology and Francqui Research Professor at the Center for Sociological Research (CESO) – KU Leuven.

Gábor Scheiring is an Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics at Georgetown University Qatar, currently on sabbatical as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University, Center for European Studies.

Matthias Thiemann is a sociologist, with close affinities to political economy, based at the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (SciencesPo, France).