SER Best Article Prize – 2024

The SER Best Article Prize committee (chair Eunmi Mun, Elsa Clara Massoc, and Dustin Avent-Holt) reviewed all articles published in the Socio-Economic Review in the year 2023. They were deeply impressed with the high quality of the papers published in SER, and while there were many papers they thoroughly enjoyed reading, they unanimously picked this article for its outstanding contribution:

Horn, Alexander, Anthony Kevins and Kees van Kersbergen. 2023. “The Paternalist Politics of Punitive and Enabling Workfare: Evidence from a New Dataset on Workfare Reforms in 16 Countries, 1980–2015.” Socio-Economic Review 21(4):2137-66.

And the following two articles as honorable mention: 

SASE heartily congratulates the winners! 

More information on past winner and the prize itself: