Kyoto Hotels

Friendly prices for Kyoto! SASE has negotiated discounts on hotels and excursions, available exclusively to 2018 Kyoto conference attendees.

Kyoto Culture

The host city for SASE’s 2018 annual conference, Kyoto, was the capital of Japan for over a millennium, and it still carries a reputation as the nation’s most beautiful city.

SASE Kyoto 2018 | Featured Speakers

SASE/Kyoto 2018 Featured Speakers announced!

SASE Kyoto 2018 | Mini-Conference Themes

SASE/Kyoto 2018 Mini-Conference Themes

Lyon Photos:  Roundup of Activities and Events

A Roundup of activities, images, and events from our 29th annual meeting in Lyon

Discover Lyon

Discover Lyon before the 2017 SASE conference.

Photos from SASE/UC Berkeley 2016

Click through for photos from SASE/UC Berkeley 2016.

Berkeley At-a-Glance Calendar and Provisional Web Program

Please keep in mind that session times are subject to change.

SASE Program 2016

SASE/Berkeley Program.

Featured Speakers

SASE/UC Berkeley 2016.

Featured Author-Meets-Critics Books at UC Berkeley

Meet the authors for the Berkeley panel.

Photos of Porto Alegre 2015

2nd SASE Ibero-­American Meeting of Socio-­Economics.

SASE/London 2015 Podcast

Does Capitalism Have a Future?

Photos from London

See the pictures from London evening’s festivities.

What You Missed at LSE

Download the 2015 SASE/LSE program.