call for papers

International Women’s Day Conference in Economics, Finance and Management

Deadline: 31 Jan. – This hybrid conference organized at the University of Economics in Katowice aims to promote pluralism in science. All economists representing orthodox and heterodox research perspectives in economics, finance and management are welcome

Business & Society Special Issue Call for Papers: “Social Challenges for Business in the Age of Populism”

Deadline: January 31, 2022
Guest editors: Dorottya Sallai, Glenn Morgan, Magnus Feldmann, Marcus Gomes, and Andrew Spicer

23rd Conference on The Small City & Regional Community

Deadline: 1 Feb. – The Center for the Small City at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is accepting proposals for “Building Infrastructure in Small Cities, Towns & Rural Areas: Current Needs and Future Designs”

De Gruyter Handbook of Degrowth: Propositions and Prospects

Deadline: 15 Feb. – The De Gruyter Handbook of Degrowth: Propositions and Prospects, edited by Lauren Eastwood (KHK/Centre for Global Cooperation Research) and Kai Heron (University of London), has issued a call for contributions

8th International Conference on Computational Social Science

Deadline: 25 Feb. – The ICCSS welcomes submissions on any topic in the field of computational social science, including (a) work that advances methods and approaches for computational social science, (b) data-driven work that describes and discovers social and cultural phenomena or explains and estimates relations between them and other things, and (c) theoretical work […]

Hewlett New Political Economy Graduate Summer Institute

Deadline: 1 Mar. – The Network for a New Political Economy at UC Berkeley is accepting applications for its 2-week summer workshop, which seeks to work to define what a new political economy might look like; to build an interdisciplinary community of scholars who wish to advance an interdisciplinary political economy; and to give students […]

Fordism, Financialization, Neoliberalism: mutations, transitions, shifts and continuities within organizations. A cross-disciplinary approach

Deadline: 3 Jun. – The aim of this conference is to challenge the classic narrative concerning the major economic changes that occurred during the last third of the 20th century by bringing together several disciplinary traditions. Its starting point will be France, which boasts a large body of literature, and the subsequent focus will be […]

Financialization and Beyond: Debt, Money, Wealth, and the Capture of Value

Finance is hard to escape. In recent years, the increasing social impact and interconnection of financial discourses, markets, actors, and institutions have been understood under the broad concept of financialization.

Special Issue Call for Papers

James March and Herbert Simon’s (1958) Organizations is one of the most influential contributions to the social sciences.

Social Finance, Impact Investing, and the Financialization of the Public Interest

EHESS welcomes paper proposals for an academic conference on Social Finance and Impact Investing in Hamburg, Germany.