On the Bookshelf, with Dorottya Sallai and Barbara Kiviat

Dorottya Sallai and Barbara Kiviat contribute to our latest edition of On the Bookshelf, in which SASE members recommend books they are reading or re-reading.

On the Bookshelf, with Carmen Diaz Roldán and Fernando González-Laxe

To get a sense of what is on SASE members’ minds, the blog editors asked some of the voracious readers that make up our association to recommend a few books they are reading.

The “Long Covid” of American Higher Education

Laura Adler considers the nested effects of Covid-19 on academia in the short-, medium-, and long-term.

The Socio-Economics of Illiberalism: Culture and Economy Are Not Alternative Explanations

Gábor Scheiring broadens the standard “culturalist” and “political-economic” views on illiberalism by framing them as dynamically related to one another

The Price of Staying at Home

SASE Blog Editor Florencia Labiano uses the Argentine case to examine how Covid-19 has reframed the meaning of housing, its commodification, and the right to shelter.

Understanding Monopolization through Socio-Economic Research

SASE Blog Editor Melike Arslan writes on tech monopolization

Is the Future of Labor at Home? / ¿El futuro del trabajo está en casa?

SASE Blog Editor Javier Bacquero examines COVID-19’s potential influence on the future of work

Meet the Editors

We are pleased to introduce the SASE blog’s 2021 editors

The Socio-Economics of Health and Dying

Gábor Scheiring examines the multidisciplinary debate around what has recently been referred to as an epidemic of ‘deaths of despair’