Future Directions in Socio-Economics 2023

As in past years, the incoming editorial board of Future Directions in Socio-Economics is composed of graduate students and early-career scholars from around the world, largely recruited from among SASE Early Career Workshop participants.

The editorial team is as diverse as SASE itself, but we all share a commitment to the development and growth of socio-economics. Chief editor Melike Arslan (Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne) connects the sociology of expertise, organizations, and markets with the international political economy of laws and regulations. Swati Chintala (Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at New York University) researches the political economy of platform work and its intersections with the informal economy. Joshua Cova (Postdoctoral researcher at King’s College London) studies the political economy of low-wage work and income stagnation in Europe from a comparative political and economic perspective. İrem İnal (PhD student at UC Berkeley’s Department of Sociology) investigates renewable energy infrastructure, climate policy, green financing, and climate legislation. Federico Jensen (PhD Fellow in International Political Economy at Copenhagen Business School) studies the political economy of global shipping. Anna Woźny (PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Michigan) examines how market and state institutions shape intimate relationships.

Looking ahead, the editors will seek to feature emerging topics in socio-economics and profile some of the leading figures in the socio-economics community through in-depth interviews on a monthly basis, beginning in March 2023. 

In the first regular post of this academic year, Joshua will write about regulation on platform workers and the new European social model in March. In April, Anna will interview Kimberly Kay Hoang about her new book, Spiderweb Capitalism: How Global Elites Exploit Frontier Markets

Other features to look for in the year to come include Swati on COVID-19 and platform workers’ collective identity; İrem on Environmental-Labor Policy Coalitions; and Federico on Industrial policy, protectionism and the future of globalized trade.

Stay tuned, and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments.

SASE Editors 2023

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