Network O’s GVC Conversations 2022 Webinar Series

While global value chains (GVCs) are widely recognized as key arteries in the global economy, recent geopolitical shifts, climate change, a global pandemic, and digital transformation are combining to upend long-held assumptions. The US-China trade war and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have revealed fragilities and vulnerabilities stark enough to call the future of GVCs into question. Climate change is creating pressure to shorten supply-chains, while digitization is both enabling distance work and reducing the importance of the flows of goods and foreign direct investment that have long underpinned research into GVCs. The inflection point generated by these changes, some long-brewing and others more sudden and even catastrophic, is causing many GVC researchers to pivot as well. 

This webinar series is meant to be a platform to openly and collectively discuss some of the cutting-edge work on these changes and draw out the implications for economies, firms and workers, and the future of globalization. Talks will feature recently published GVC-related journal special issues (SI) or books, so that participants can get an overview of the key insights emerging from these new publications and discuss with authors and editors the future research lines emerging.

For more details on the webinars organized by Network O (Global Value Chains), including registration links, click the talk titles below:

February 3

Authors: Timothy Sturgeon (Industrial Performance Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) & Hugh Whittaker (Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, University of Oxford)

Khalid Nadvi (Global Development Institute, University of Manchester) & Lindsay Whitfield (Center for Business & Development Studies, Copenhagen Business School)

 Jennifer Bair (Department of Sociology, University of Virginia)

Compressed Development: Time and Timing in Economic and Social Development (Oxford UP, 2020)

The next webinar is going to take place  Feb. 3 at 2 PM CET on ZOOM.

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If you have edited a SI or a book on GVC-related issues and would like to be featured in the series, please do contact the webinar series editors: Jennifer Bair (U. of Virginia), Valentina De Marchi (U of Padova), Rory Horner (Manchester U.) , Cornelia Staritz (U. of Vienna).