Jennifer Bair
O: Global Value Chains

Jennifer Bair is Professor of Sociology at the University of Virginia. She earned her PhD in Sociology from Duke University and her BA in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University. Her research interests are at the intersection of global political economy, work, and development. She is the editor of four books, including Frontiers of Commodity Chains Research (Stanford, 2009), and she has published widely, including articles in World Development, Social Problems, Economy and Society, and Signs. Jenn has conducted extensive research on global value chains and uneven development, primarily in Latin America but more recently also in South Asia. She has spoken at the United Nations, the European Parliament, and the International Labor Office about global value chains and labor standards. In addition to a collaborative book project on labor organizing along global value chains, she is currently studying efforts to improve human rights protections for migrant workers in U.S. agriculture. Jenn is an editor of the Review of International Political Economy and Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space and a past Chair of both the Sociology of Development and the Political Economy of the World-System Sections of the American Sociological Association.

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