2022 David Marsden Network G Best Paper Prize

The David Marsden Best Paper Prize was created in commemoration of Professor David Marsden who founded and coordinated the Network.  The $500 prize is funded by the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics. The Jury committee (Ginny Doellgast, Jill Rubery, and Alice Lam) looked for papers that address substantive questions and issues related to Network G: Labor Markets, Education and Human Resources, and that reflect David Marsden’s unique capacity to foster theory-driven research, to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue, and to encourage an international perspective even when focused on a single national or sectoral case. Early career researchers were especially encouraged to submit papers for consideration. The award is made annually as part of the SASE meeting award ceremony. The Jury is chosen bi-annually to reflect the cross-disciplinary, international and methodologically plural profile of Network G.

The jury is delighted to announce its unanimous decision to award the 2022 inaugural David Marsden Best Paper Prize to “So near and yet so far: a new look at the comparison of the French and British models”, written by Thomas Amossé (CNAM, Lise, CEET), Héloïse Petit (CNAM, Lirsa, CEET), Alex Bryson (University College London), and John Forth (City University London).

The jury also wishes to give an honorable mention to the paper, “The Gendered Institutional Logic of Work and Employment in Korea: The Post-Asian Financial Crisis Institutional Effects on Women Workers,” authored by Francis K. Yoon.