2022 Elinor Ostrom Prize Shortlist

The Elinor Ostrom Prize was established in honor of the late Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom (1933-2012), who was an enormously creative scholar and an outstanding pioneer of the interdisciplinary field of institutional research. Her most famous work focused on the problem of managing and maintaining common-pool resources, but she also applied her ideas to problems of political governance and climate change. Her theoretical work on rules is of paramount importance. In her last decade she became increasingly interested in how rule-systems (or institutions) evolve.

A prize of £1000, funded by Millennium Economics Ltd. (the owner of the Journal of Institutional Economics), is awarded each year for the best full-length article published in Journal of Institutional Economics in the preceding calendar year. Each annual prize competition is judged by an international committee of experts in the field of institutional research.

2022 Ostrom Prize Committee: Richard Adelstein, Maria Brouwer, Daniel Cole, Christopher Coyne, Tine de Moor, David Dequech, Abigail Devereaux, Brett Frischmann, Roger Koppl, Michael McGinnis, Jochen Runde, Edella Schlager, Mary Shirley and Irene van Staveren.

The following articles have made the short-list for this year’s Elinor Ostrom Prize:

Peter Grajzl and Peter Murrell, “A Machine-Learning History of English Caselaw and Legal Ideas Prior to the Industrial Revolution I: Generating and Interpreting the Estimates“, JOIE 17(1): 1-19 and “A Machine-Learning History of English Caselaw and Legal Ideas Prior to the Industrial Revolution II: Applications“, JOIE 17(2): 201-216.

Veeshan Rayamajhee and Pablo Paniagua, “The Ostroms and the Contestable Nature of Goods: Beyond Taxonomies and Towards Institutional Polycentricity”, JOIE 17(1): 71-89.

Sheilagh Ogilvie, “Thinking Carefully about Inclusiveness: Evidence from European Guilds”, JOIE 17(2): 185-200.

Bronwyn Howell and Petrus Potgieter, “Uncertainty and Dispute Resolution for Blockchain and Smart Contract Institutions“, JOIE 17(4): 545-559.

Matthew T. Panhans and Reinhard Schumacher, “Theory in Closer Contact with Industrial Life: American Institutional Economists on Competition Theory and Policy”, JOIE 17(5): 781-798.

The award will be announced at the WINIR Conference on Polycentric Governance (6-9 September 2022, online).

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