SASE mourns Sabina Avdagic’s death

SASE mourns Sabina Avdagic’s sudden passing in January 2024. We send our profound condolences to her family and colleagues, and wish to express our gratitude for all that she brought to SASE in her many years with the organization. Sabina was actively involved in SASE activities since her graduate studies. In addition to her work as network organizer, she was also a member of the Executive Council and was Program Co-Chair of the 2007 conference in Copenhagen.

Sabina Avdagic was a Reader in Political Economy at the Department of Politics at the University of Sussex. Her research interests included comparative labor relations and welfare states, theories of institutional change and economic adjustment, and causes and consequences of social concertation. Most recently, her research focused on the causes and effects of national variation in the strictness of employment protection in Europe, and on the role of the media in shaping attitudes towards the welfare state.

May her work continue to guide our reflections, and her life remind us how precious our time together is.