Viviana Zelizer Receives Honorary Doctorate from Sciences Po Praise by Jeanne Lazarus - SASE member and newsletter Faculty Editor. Martha Zuber: An Unconventional Life in the World of Ideas SASE Past-President Jonathan Zeitlin invited Martha to answer a series of questions about her life history. She responded to these questions with an elegant autobiographical essay, which SASE is honored to publish on its website. Women and Gender Forum: News One of WAG's major aims is to stimulate discussion on important issues of the day such as work/life/health balance, challenges of publishing, leadership roles and career progression. You will also find a running list of selected articles and data collections. SASE 2020 Presidential Panels The SASE 2020 Program Committee has put together what are sure to be fascinating featured panel sessions. Transitioning Employers: A survey of policies and practices for trans inclusive workplaces Covid-19 and Inequalities at Work: A Gender Lens Inequality is neither random nor unfortunate; it is structurally engineered, legally enforced, and politically and ideologically driven. What Does It Take to Get Women Elected? If women’s suffrage was the battle of the twentieth century, women’s representation will be the battle of the twenty-first. COVID-19 Is Changing What It Means to Be a Doctor American medicine has long functioned as an elitist institution, putting professional prestige over the well-being of patients and physicians alike. It’s time doctors unite behind the fight for health justice. Public Thinker: Nancy K. Miller on Feminist Lives Thinking in public demands knowledge, eloquence, and courage. In this interview series, we hear from public scholars about how they found their path and how they communicate to a wide audience. Why Economics Needs More Black Women Sometimes, movements begin with a LinkedIn connection. That was the case when Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman, a former undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Pandemic lockdown holding back female academics, data show Unequal childcare burden blamed for fall in share of published research by women since schools shut, but funding bodies look to alleviate career impact. An Excerpt from “We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now” The following is an excerpt from Annelise Orleck’s “We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now”: The Global Uprising Against Poverty Wages (Beacon Press, 2018). Women doing more childcare under lockdown but men more likely to feel their jobs are suffering Women in the UK are doing more childcare under lockdown – but men are more likely to say their caring or domestic responsibilities are negatively impacting their paid jobs. Leading the charge to give citizens — and workers — a real say Author argues it is unjust, for instance, that store clerks and nurses toiling on the pandemic’s frontlines have no influence on decisions that put their health at risk. The Domestic Gaze, a feminist video series A new feminist video series from Columbia University, Paris. Covid-19 fallout takes higher toll on women “Care” remains women’s work. New Gender Conceptions: What Trans Kids and Their Parents Can Teach Us about the Self, the Body, and the Enduring Significance of Gender to Our Lives Author began the project by interviewing trans kids but pivoted to parents, doctors, trans advocates,and psychologists. Women in Power: it’s a matter of life and death Striking Statistics on Women Leaders. Women and minority researchers have more original ideas, but white men are rewarded faster The paradox states that, while diversity breeds innovation and creativity, the underrepresented groups that bring such assets to organizations have less successful careers within them. A Short History of Black Women and Police Violence Historian Keisha N. Blain writes that while African American men bear the brunt of police abuse, African American women have a long history of being victims of police violence as well. Covid-19 crisis could set women back decades, experts fear The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating effect on gender equality and could set women back decades. COVID-19 Resources For Sociologists Every day we face new challenges related to COVID-19. ASA wants to help you navigate those challenges. Mothers in Academia: overworked and in greater precarity Working paper, University Teluq. Beyond Backlash: How Gender Discourse Reaggregates Conservatisms The focus of this text is on how the anti-gender equality agenda in Brazil is helping reassemble contemporary conservative discourses. The Coronavirus Slayer! How Kerala’s Rock Star Health Minister Helped Save it from Covid-19 KK Shailaja has been hailed as the reason a state of 35 million people has only lost four to the virus. Here’s how the former teacher did it. How are mothers and fathers balancing work and family under lockdown? In this report,  new data collected and examined since the end of April to investigate how this crisis has affected mothers and fathers in two-parent opposite-gender families.   UK Women Bear emotional Brunt of Covid-19 Turmoil – poll Results show women disproportionately affected by employment and risk concerns amid pandemic. Who Cares? Now, All of Us Must This labor force comprises over 90% women, and is disproportionately made up of women of color and immigrants. economic sociology_the european electronic newsletter Taxing inequality and fiscal sociology - Vol 21, No 2 | March 2020 ASA Newsletter – Spring 2020 Economic Sociology & Social Studies of Finance in Times of Pandemic Women in Science are Battling both Covid-19 and the Patriarchy Women are advising policymakers, designing clinical trials, coordinating field studies and leading data collection and analysis, but you would never know it from the media coverage of the pandemic. Mothering in a Pandemic As small (and large) businesses line up for relief, Congress should take notice of the parents, mostly mothers, who are doing some of society’s most important work by taking responsibility for children.  Double Lives by Helen McCarthy – a history of working mothers [The Guardian] Books of the Day.


SASE/Amsterdam 2020 – Submissions are now open! Detailed instructions for submitting a proposal, including the option to set up a “Free Account” that enables you to access the submission system. GOOD NEWS! Tax Deduction for SASE members located in the United Kingdom. SASE/Costa Rica Program Click here to see the program for SASE/Costa Rica – 20-22 November 2019. 2019 Zelizer Award for Best Book in Economic Sociology ‘Starving the Beast’ by Monica Prasad SASE’s First 30 Years: 3 Past Presidents Chime In Amitai Etzioni (SASE Founder/President 1988-1990), Nancy DiTomaso (SASE President 1994-1995), and Colin Crouch (SASE President 2003-2004) Sébastien Lechevalier, Program Director for SASE/Kyoto, on the Emperor’s Retirement Bilan de l’ère Heisei : « La vision d’un Japon sur le déclin est trop simple » Brexit…or not? Interviews with Jonathan Zeitlin Jonathan Zeitlin, former SASE president, has changed his mind. Why? Read the three (3) interviews. At Issue in New York City: Gentrification We read this hard-hitting article in the ASA Footnotes (Jan-Mar 2019 issue) and wanted to share it with you - New York City Gentrification, Policing, and Real Estate Developers by Thomas Volscho, College of Staten Island. SASE/New York 2019 – Featured Speakers Find out more about the exceptional scholars giving featured talks at our 30th anniversary conference in New York. RESEARCH AND POLITICS – Special Issue on “The Political Consequences of Technological Changes” The journal Research and Politics published a special issue "Political Consequences of Technological Change", co-edited by Bruno Palier (LIEPP et CEE) and Thomas Kurer (Harvard University).