Newsletter Winter 19/20


On the Bookshelf To get a sense of what is on SASE members’ minds, the newsletter editors asked some of the voracious readers that make up our association to recommend a few books they are reading Recent PhDs in Socio-Economics: New Research Paths Emerging scholars are vitally important members of the SASE community, building on existing theories and identifying the subjects that will shape the field in years to come. We asked some recent graduates to share summaries of their dissertation work with SASE readers. Let’s Not Cede Patriotism SASE Founder Amitai Etzioni addresses the question of how to advance civic nationalism Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships The SASE Newsletter has collected testimonies from successful applicants to thehe Marie Skłodowska-Curie program, asking their advice on the experience of applying to and earning a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship in social sciences. Q&A with Andrea Garnero – OECD Report on Labor Market Regulation Dr. Andrea Garnero, one of the leading researchers behind the new OECD report “Negotiating Our Way Up: Collective Bargaining in a Changing World of Work" talks to SASE. Socio-Economics in a Changing World: Interview with Mariana Heredia Professor Heredia talks to SASE to reflect on how Argentina has developed a distinctive approach to socio-economics Socio-Economics in a Changing World Socio-economics is not a traditional field but rather a shared orientation: a concern for questions about the social roots and ramifications of the economy, a tendency to look for answers by transcending methodological and disciplinary boundaries, and a tradition of connecting ideas from different fields and geographic locations to generate new insights. This orientation is […] SASE News SASE is pleased to announce that its new by-laws were ratified on 30 September 2019. A special election was held for the position of President-Elect Report from the 4th SASE Ibero-American Socio-Economics Meeting Read our report from the 4th SASE Ibero-American Socio-Economics Meeting Interview with SASE President Nitsan Chorev An interview with SASE 2019-2020 president Nitsan Chorev, a scholar whose research focuses predominantly on global political economy, development, and transnational sociology. Meet the Editors The SASE Newsletter is created by a dynamic group of graduate students and early career scholars, guided by SASE's Jeanne Lazarus and the SASE staff.