Discover Lyon Discover Lyon before the 2017 SASE conference. Understanding the Results of the U.S. Presidential Election by former SASE President Nancy DiTomaso Wolfgang Streeck, “Social Democracy’s Last Rounds” Past SASE President Wolfgang Streeck on his evolving perspective on social democracy, the much-contested “European project,” and why the Left needs to “sober up”. Anarchy in the UK: Brexit style Summary of the Brexit pop-up salon at SASE/Berkeley by SASE Networks Committee chair, Jackie O'Reilly SASE/UC Berkeley in the French Press! Journalist Martine Fournier came to visit the SASE 2016 meeting at UC Berkeley. She published her impressions of the conference in the French monthly, Sciences Humaines. Martine also conducted a short interview with Jens Beckert following his Author-Meets-Critics session on his latest book, Imagined Futures: Fictional Expectations and Capitalist Dynamics.   Top Cited Articles from SER Read five highly cited articles published in SER here! Former SASE President Bruce G. Carruthers lectures at the Library of Congress – October 28, 2016 Former SASE President, Bruce G. Carruthers will discuss how credit and credit decision-making in the United States has developed over the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, in the annual Maguire Lecture at the Library of Congress on October 28. Financialization and Beyond: Debt, Money, Wealth, and the Capture of Value Finance is hard to escape. In recent years, the increasing social impact and interconnection of financial discourses, markets, actors, and institutions have been understood under the broad concept of financialization. Special Issue Call for Papers James March and Herbert Simon’s (1958) Organizations is one of the most influential contributions to the social sciences. Social Finance, Impact Investing, and the Financialization of the Public Interest EHESS welcomes paper proposals for an academic conference on Social Finance and Impact Investing in Hamburg, Germany. Photos from SASE/UC Berkeley 2016 Click through for photos from SASE/UC Berkeley 2016. Berkeley At-a-Glance Calendar and Provisional Web Program Please keep in mind that session times are subject to change. SASE Program 2016 SASE/Berkeley Program. Featured Speakers SASE/UC Berkeley 2016. Featured Author-Meets-Critics Books at UC Berkeley Meet the authors for the Berkeley panel. Cheap Tickets from Europe! Those of you who need to get to Berkeley all the way from Europe. Book early to save!