In Solidarity with Ukraine

SASE strongly condemns the Russian invasion and war on Ukraine. We abhor the senseless disregard for human life, for Ukraine’s sovereignty, and for the most basic rights of its people. We plead for a rapid and peaceful end to this conflict.

We express our full support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the Ukrainian members of SASE. We support all those people who in different ways, and in some cases with great bravery and risk, are resisting this invasion.

The human consequences of such a tragedy are resulting in a massive flow of humanitarian refugees, who need our help and support. Aid agencies have asked, for those who are able, to provide financial support. This can be done through a number of local or international channels. Lists of organizations accepting support can be found here and here.  

We wish to support our members and those in Ukraine to actively address the injustices created by this war.

The first victim in war is truth, and in our role as knowledge workers, we will aim to facilitate informed discussions at SASE to counter fake news and inform opinion.

In solidarity,
Jacqueline O’Reilly, SASE President
Annelies Fryberger, SASE Executive Director