Prof. María Ángeles Durán Heras Joins SASE as Honorary Member

We are thrilled to announce that Prof. María Ángeles Durán Heras has been elected as an honorary member of the Society for the Advance of Socioeconomics (SASE). SASE President Santos Ruesga nominated her in recognition of Dr. Durán Heras’s remarkable contributions to the field of sociology.

Prof. María Ángeles Durán Heras was the first woman in Spain to obtain a professorship in sociology. She is a renowned sociologist widely acclaimed for her groundbreaking work on social inequalities and gender studies, especially the socio-economics of unpaid work. Her Ph.D. thesis, entitled “Women’s Work”, marked the beginning of systematic research into the social factors determining women’s lives in Spain. Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Durán Heras has authored numerous influential publications and has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the National Sociology Award in Spain.

As an honorary member of SASE, Dr. Durán Heras will join a group of scholars and practitioners who have made outstanding contributions to socio-economic research. This appointment not only acknowledges her remarkable achievements but also highlights the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing the multifaceted challenges of our transitioning world.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. María Ángeles Durán Heras on her appointment as an honorary member of SASE. We are honored to have her join our community, and we look forward to benefiting from her wisdom, expertise, and passion for advancing socioeconomic understanding.