2024 SASE Presidential and Executive Council Election Results

2024 SASE Presidential and Executive Council Election Results

SASE is proud to announce the results of the 2024 Presidential and Executive Council Elections. We thank all candidates who ran – your commitment to SASE is tremendously appreciated! Please join us in congratulating all the winners and welcoming them to their new roles.

Incoming President-Elect

We are pleased to welcome Roberto Pedersini as the incoming President-Elect of SASE. Roberto brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic vision for the future of our organization. His term will begin immediately following the 2024 SASE conference.

New and re-elected Executive Council members

Marta Castilho (Brazil) holds a Ph.D. in International Economics and Development from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Her research interests include international trade, labor markets, and development economics. Marta is an active long-term member of SASE.

Timur Ergen (Germany) is a senior researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies. His work focuses on the intersection of economic sociology, political economy, and organizational studies.

Nana de Graaff (Netherlands): As a co-organizer of SASE’s Network B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development, Nana de Graaff has played a crucial role in fostering scholarly exchange and collaboration. Her research examines global political economy, particularly the role of elite networks in shaping economic policies.

Megan Tobias Neely’s (Denmark) Megan’s research centers on gender, work, and organizations, with a particular focus on financialization and inequality. 

Barbara Kiviat (USA) Barbara Kiviat’s work investigates how moral beliefs influence market practices, especially in the realm of personal finance. 

Matthias Thiemann (France): Matthias Thiemann’s research explores financial regulation and the political economy of financial markets. His contributions have provided critical perspectives on the regulation of financial institutions and the stability of financial systems.

Valeria Pulignano (Belgium) specializes in labor markets, employment relations, and comparative industrial relations. Her comparative analyses have shed light on the impacts of labor market policies and practices across different socio-economic contexts.

Tine Hanrieder (UK) Tina’s research focuses on global health governance and international organizations. Her work has been pivotal in understanding the governance structures and dynamics that shape global health policies and practices.