Imagining Economic Sociology: Or what is socio-economics anyway?

Neil Fligstein`s engaging and provocative SASE early career workshop session, from June 23rd 2016 at UC Berkeley, on the meaning of socio-economics today is now available to download here.

Call for Contributions

Discussion Forum in Socio-Economic Review

Brexit: Understanding the Socio-Economic Origins and Possible Consequences
SER invites contributions that apply theoretical concepts or offer interesting empirical observations about the socio-economic origins or likely consequences of Brexit. Contributions are expected to be 1,000 to 2,000 words in length and written for a broad audience. The SER editors will select a small collection of contributions to be published as a Discussion Forum in the next issue of Socio-Economic Review. Meanwhile, additional submissions that could be included in the main Discussion Forum will be featured in a special

on-line blog forum on the SASE website.

SASE Program 2016

SASE Program 2016

Here is a link to a pdf version of the SASE/Berkeley Program.