19 July 2023
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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2023 SASE Early Career Workshop

Socio-Economics in a Transitioning World: Breaking Lines and Alternative Paradigms for a New World Order



The SASE Early Career Workshop (ECW) is a one-day workshop that provides an opportunity for a longer and deeper discussion of applicants’ conference papers. 


Applicants must be PhD students or researchers having obtained their PhD within 3 years of the annual SASE meeting. If you would like to apply for the Workshop, your paper abstract should be submitted and accepted to the main conference through the normal process.


Applicants must also submit the following materials in English before the general submission period ends:

  • full paper

  • two-page CV

  • one-page case for support – a letter detailing why you wish to attend the workshop and what financial support you require from SASE (approximate cost of travel, whether you need housing during the conference, and what support you have from your home institution)


All of this must be submitted via the submissions system before the general submissions deadline passes (1 February 2023)Any application without all of these elements will not be considered for inclusion in the Workshop.


While two papers may be submitted to the SASE conference, applicants may submit only one paper to be considered for the ECW. Only those papers accepted to the main conference will be considered for inclusion in the Workshop.


Conference registration and membership fees are waived for ECW participants. Full conference accommodation will also be provided, including the additional night of accommodation for the Workshop. Travel costs will be covered based on need and available funds. Participants not requiring support for travel or accommodations should state this in their one-page letter.


Participants will receive a certificate of participation. In the case of co-authored papers, please note that only one author may participate in the Workshop for a given paper.


There will be approximately 15-20 competitively allocated spots in the Workshop. Notification of acceptance will be made by 1 April 2023. These spots will be awarded on the basis of the quality of the paper submitted to the SASE main conference, as assessed by the ECW Committee and Faculty. Additional criteria for ranking papers receiving the same quality assessment include PhD status, academic status, and co-authorship. In particular, priority will be given to:


  1. PhD students closer to their defense;

  2. Researchers who have just received their PhD;

  3. Applicants without a tenured position;

  4. Single-author papers;

  5. Applicants without tenured co-authors.

Throughout the selection process, the ECW Committee and Faculty are committed to ensuring gender and geographical balance at equal paper quality levels.


Previous Workshop participants are not eligible to participate a second time.