SASE Annual Conference Goes Virtual

Given the global situation, the SASE Executive Council has made the difficult but unavoidable decision to move this year’s conference from a “live” format to a virtual one. 

This decision is based on the strong and positive responses we received from the SASE membership. Indeed, at a moment of radical events and potential global transitions, we are all keen to be involved in scholarly conversations on socio-economic issues. Moreover, given the heavy financial loss associated with canceling an in-person conference, a strong participation in a virtual conference would help SASE survive financially.

The virtual conference
The virtual conference will last four days, from July 18 to July 21

To make sure that all presenters have time slots that are convenient to them to join a presentation panel, we will have panels scheduled throughout the day. When you register, we will determine your time zone according to your country so we can schedule your panel at a reasonable time. You will have access to all live panels. Panels will also be recorded and will be available during the conference. All panels will have a moderator, who is a SASE member, and a technical support person from Confex, our conference organizing platform. 

In addition to regular panels, we will also have featured panels that regular SASE conferences have. For a list of these panels see here and here. We will also have a number of specialized events, as originally planned. This will include the Early Career Workshop, and a 90-minute methods Webinar on “What can Artificial Intelligence do for (and to) the Social Sciences.” More information will come shortly. 

To participate in the conference 
In order to  participate in the 2020 SASE Virtual Conference and be included in a panel with your accepted paper, we ask you to register by May 20, which you can do HERE. Only those members who paid the fees by May 20 will be included in the virtual conference program and participate in the conference.

We are happy to report that because a virtual conference is not as costly as a live conference, we were able to lower the registration fees for all members. At the same time, without the large annual conference that SASE relies on financially, we are at the risk of bankruptcy. The only way for SASE to survive this year is if those who can afford it are willing to contribute. In that spirit, we have created a tiered fee structure that reflects our awareness that many of our members are in a difficult position yet allows those who can afford it to help SASE out. 

  1. We ask participants from OECD countries, who are not students, the regular membership fee of $130 per year + minimum conference registration fee of $75. We give participants an option to pay more for registration ($95 or $125) to support SASE 
  2. We ask participants from OECD countries, who are students, the regular membership fee of $65 + registration fee of $35.
  3. We ask participants from non-OECD countries, who are not students to pay membership fee of $50 and registration of $50 or, if they can afford it, $75
  4. We ask participants from non-OECD countries, who are students, membership fee of $25. Registration for the conference is free.  

If, unfortunately, you cannot participate in the online conference on July 18-21, we strongly encourage you to nevertheless renew your SASE membership for 2020 to stay a member of our community. You will keep all benefits of membership including subscription to Socio-Economic Review, to our newsletter, and access to SuAVE, our membership database, until next year.

For those who have already paid regular conference registration fees and decide not to participate in a virtual conference – we would be grateful if you could consider your registration fee a donation. Otherwise, please let us know (, and we will give you a full refund of the conference registration fee. 

We know that some of us are in a precarious situation at the moment and we are hoping to have a limited “conference participation support fund” that would allow us to support a number of participants who are not able to pay their registration fee. 



Thank you so much for your patience as we had to make difficult decisions during the times of great uncertainty. We greatly look forward to SASE 2020 virtual conference and hope you will join us.