Zsuzsanna Vargha

I am an economic sociologist interested in the interactional and infrastructural foundations of markets, and processes of marketization primarily in consumer finance. I have extensively studied financial selling strategies, technologies and practices, which led me to new questions about organizations’ valuation and control of their relationships with customers, the financialization of daily life, expectations in financial regulation, the tracing of debt trails, and the everyday performance of capitalism. I am interested in socio-economic change, especially in post-socialism and in the digital economy. I have worked on empirical topics such as the redesign of retail banking, relational work in wealth management, the Swiss franc mortgage crisis in Hungary, digital healthcare policy, and the digital disruption of accounting and actuarial expertise.

I am Associate Professor in Accounting and Organization at the University of Leicester in the UK. After my PhD in sociology at Columbia University, I was postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies and LSE Fellow in Accounting at the LSE. As the Editor of Economic Sociology: The European Electronic Newsletter in 2015-2016, I published thematic issues on the social studies of insurance, accounting and finance. As Global Ambassador, I represent the UK at the Economic Sociology section of the American Sociological Association. I am currently on research leave supported by a Leverhulme Research Fellowship, working on my book The Personalized Economy, on the rise of the data-driven construction of persons and the algorithmic prediction of choice, examining its cultural-technological precedents and political-economic consequences.

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