Xiaoguang Fan

Xiaoguang Fan received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Fudan University in 2015. He is currently an associate professor in political science at Zhejiang University. His research focuses on how social change can shape behaviors and subjective consequences, and how social networks and institutional contexts will moderate or mediate these effects. His projects investigate social change, institutions, and social networks within subjective inequality, voting, and wealth accumulation. He has recently published several articles on subjective inequality, status attainment, and political practices in China’s transition economy in top international and Chinese sociological journals, including the British Journal of Sociology, Social Science Research, Social Sciences in China (Zhongguo Shehui Kexue), and Sociological Studies (Shehuixue Yanjiu). Fan’s current work seeks to understand how macro-societal and meso-organizational forces reshape economic elites’ formation in China and the United States.

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