Wiemer Salverda

Wiemer Salverda is Professor of Labour Market and Inequality and Director emeritus of the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (University of Amsterdam). He coordinated the 30-country research project Growing Inequalities’ Impacts GINI (2010–2013) which published its results in two volumes with Oxford University Press (2014). He managed the European Low-wage Employment Research Network LoWER (1996–2008), which has published 16 books, special journal issues and reports, including the Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality. For the Russell Sage Foundation he led the Dutch research for the Low-wage Work in Europe project. He contributes extensively to comparative research on wages, employment, and inequality, and regularly serves as an expert for the European Commission, OECD and ILO. At the European Commission he was an ECFIN Research Fellow 2014-2015 for which he contributed on EU policy making and growing inequalities.

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