Torsten Geelan

Torsten Geelan is affiliated to the Cambridge Department of Sociology and is currently a Guest Researcher at the University of Copenhagen’s Sociology Department where he is developing an independent project investigating the role of digital media in trade union revitalisation. His comparative and interdisciplinary doctorate thesis (industrial relations, sociology of media and social movement studies) deployed a case study and mixed-methods approach to understand how trade unions and worker organisations in the UK and Denmark use the media to shape employment relations. Other work has studied the rise of precarious employment amongst highly educated graduates. To date his research has been published in Transfer, Industrial Relations Journal and Danish Sociology.

More broadly, Torsten is interested in alternatives to the pressing socio-economic and political issues of our time: inequalities of power and wealth, the erosion of democracy and environmental degradation. He is the co-editor of the forthcoming book published by Palgrave MacMillan titled From Financial Crisis to Social Change: Towards Alternative Horizons. He has also co-chaired two mini-conferences within SASE (Berkeley 2016, Lyon 2017), focusing on cooperatives, the sharing economy and platform cooperativism.

As a teacher, Torsten has three years’ experience lecturing, supervising and examining undergraduate and post-graduate students. At the University of Cambridge, he has taught ‘Political Economy of Capitalism’ and ‘Global Social Analysis’. As an External Lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, he developed and taught a new Masters-level course on the ‘Comparative Sociology of Labour Markets’ which examines the ways in which national institutions and regulations impinge on the employment relationship.

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