Torben Iversen

Torben Iversen is Professor of Political Economy in the Government Department at Harvard University. His research and teaching interests include comparative political economy, electoral politics, and applied formal theory. He is the author of Capitalism, Democracy, and Welfare (CUP 2005), Contested Economic Institutions (CUP 1999), coauthor (with Frances Rosenbluth) of Patriarchy Explained: The Rise and Fall of Gender Inequality (Yale UP, 2010), and co-editor (with Jonas Pontusson and David Soskice) of Unions, Employers and Central Bankers (CUP 2000). He is also the author or co-author of more than three dozen articles on comparative politics and political economy in leading journals and edited volumes. He has been a Hoover National Fellow and a Guggenheim Fellow, and his work has won numerous prizes including APSA’s Victoria Schuck Award for the best book published on women and politics, the Best Book on European Politics and Society Award, the Luebbert Best Article Award, and the Gabriel Almond Best Dissertation Award. He is currently completing a book with David Soskice on the historical coevolution of capitalism and democracy.