Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks is a Lecturer in Public Policy in the Department of Political Science at UCL. Previously, he worked as Ussher Assistant Professor of Political Economy at Trinity College, Dublin. He has been a visiting student at Yale (2009) and a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia (2014), and continues to serve as a Visiting Research Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin.

Tim’s research interests are at the intersection of comparative politics, comparative political economy, and public policy, with a focus on ‘developed democracies’. Specifically, he is working on three projects that fall broadly within the realms of the politics of inequality. The first, in collaboration with Lucy Barnes (Kent), looks at how the Great Recession impacted attitudes towards government expenditure. The second, in collaboration with Alan Jacobs (UBC), Scott Matthews (MUN), and Eric Merkley (UBC), looks at specific mechanisms through which economic inequality can lead to political inequality – especially relating to economic voting and economic information amongst the electorate. The third looks at the relationships between societal inequality and the politics of school choice and privatization.

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