Tim Bartley

Tim Bartley is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Ohio State University. His research considers the prospects for effective regulation in the global economy. Specifically, much of his work focuses on transnational private regulation of sustainability and fairness in global industries, including the intersection between global value chains, private rules, and domestic governance of land and labor. As an economic sociologist, his work is oriented toward questions about institutions, regulation, neoliberalism, and contention within markets. He has published articles in the American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Social Problems, Socio-Economic Review, and other outlets. From 2012 to 2015, he was co-editor of Regulation and Governance. His co-authored book, Looking Behind the Label: Global Industries and the Conscientious Consumer (with Sebastian Koos, Hiram Samel, Gustavo Setrini, and Nik Summers) was published by Indiana University Press in 2015. He is currently completing a book manuscript entitled The Hope of Transcendence: Land, Labor, and Private Rules for the Global Factory, which examines the implementation of sustainable forestry and fair labor standards in Indonesia and China.

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