Sharon Dodua Otoo

Sharon Dodua Otoo (*1972 in London) is a novelist and a political activist. 
She writes prose and essays and is editor of the English-language book series “Witnessed” (edition assemblage). Her first novellas “the things i am thinking while smiling politely” and “Synchronicity” were published in English and German translation by edition assemblage, and in a double-edition in German by S. Fischer Verlag. Otoo won the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize in 2016 with the text “Herr Gröttrup setzt sich hin”. In 2020 her inaugural speech at the Festival of German Language Literature “Dürfen Schwarze Blumen Malen?” was published by Verlag Heyn and in 2020 her first novel in German “Adas Raum” was published by S. Fischer Verlag. Her latest publication is “Gesammeltes Schweigen” with Heinrich Böll (Edition Zweifel, 2022). Otoo currently lives with her family in Berlin is a Visiting Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge University.

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