Sabina Avdagic
E: Industrial Relations and Political Economy

Sabina Avdagic is a UK Research Councils (RCUK) academic fellow in the Department of Politics and Sussex European Institute at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. Her research interests include comparative labor relations and welfare states, theories of institutional change and economic adjustment, and causes and consequences of social concertation. Most recently, her research has focused on the causes and effects of national variation in the strictness of employment protection in Europe. Avdagic has been actively involved in SASE activities since her graduate studies. In addition to her work as network organizer, she is also a member of the Executive Council and was Program Co-Chair of the 2007 conference in Copenhagen. “I am enthusiastic about SASE”, she says, “because this is one of the rare academic associations that truly embraces interdisplinarity and methodological pluralism in the study of pertinent socio-economic problems facing contemporary societies.”

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