Pon Souvannaseng
B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development

Dr. Pon Souvannaseng is Assistant Professor of Comparative & International Policy in the Global Studies Department at Bentley University. Her expertise spans the politics and finance of energy and infrastructure projects and environmental governance in the developing world, with extensive research experience in East & Southeast Asia and Africa.  Her research examines the nexus between states, business and the environment, with special attention to development, finance and climate change issues.  She is a Wilson China Fellow, Mansfield-Luce Asia Policy Scholar, and APSA Asia Fellow.  A political economist by training, she holds a PhD from the London School of Economics & Political Science. 

Pon has served as a researcher at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, ASEAN Labour Secretariat and the International Institute for Strategic Studies.  She is an Affiliate of the Centre for Crisis Studies & Mitigation at the University of Manchester and a Non-Resident Fellow of the East-West Center, Washington DC.  Her research has been supported by Fulbright, UKRI, Japan Foundation and US Embassy Tokyo grants.

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