Patrick Dieuaide

Patrick Dieuaide is an associate professor at Sorbonne University Paris Cité. He is a member of the Laboratory Integration and Cooperation in the European Area (ICEE, University of Paris 3). His research focuses on corporate policies and transformations of the employment relationship in globalization. He coordinated and published in two books: “Strategies of Multinational Corporations and Social Regulations. European and Asian Perspectives”, (2014, Springer, 260p.) and “Globalising Employment Relations? Multinational Corporations and Central and Eastern Europe Transitions”, Palgrave Mac-Millan, London. He contributed to the ANR project “ZOGRIS” entitled “Evolving Employment Standards and Emerging Forms of Inequality Towards a Comparison of Grey Zones” (2012-2016, Dir. Pr. Kesselman) and organized a workshop “Grey areas of employment” in the framework of the Sorbonne Paris Cité Summer University devoted to “New Figures of the Social” (July 6-8, 2016). Several publications on the subject are forthcoming in the journals Industrial Relations/Relations Industrielles, Interventions Economiques and Transfer.

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