Moises Balestro

Moisés Balestro holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Brasília. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Brasilia in the Graduate Program of Comparative Studies on the Americas at the Department of Latin American Studies. He was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Political Science at Goethe Universität (2014-2015). As a researcher in the area of economic sociology and political economy, he leads a Comparative Studies of Economic Sociology research group at the Brazilian National Research Council. His areas of interest are diversities of capitalism with special emphasis on the Global South, innovation and development, and social construction of markets. He has articles in journals and book chapters on state and development, innovation, political economy of agribusiness and rural development. He is also a researcher at the National Institute of Science and Technology in Public Policy, Strategy and Development (INCT/PPED), and is linked to the line State, Varieties of Capitalism and Development Policies in Emerging Countries, especially the BRICS. Recently, he carried out a project funded by the Brazilian CAPES together with the German DAAD on the lessons from Germany to the institutional determinants of the Brazilian technological learning and another on the role of ideas in the coordination of industrial policies in Brazil.

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