Melike Arslan

Melike Arslan is a Buffett Institute Global Impacts Graduate Fellow and a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at Northwestern University. Her research connects the sociology of markets, organizations and expertise with the international political economy of laws and regulations in order to investigate how social networks and norms shape economic institutions, such as corporate bankruptcy, anti-monopoly and environmental protection laws and policies, and how these in return affect corporate organizations and economic behaviors. She uses comparative-historical methodology and seeks to bridge the Western advanced economy contexts with those of developing economies by considering the global interconnectedness of economies and government institutions. Her previous works have been published in the Annual Review of Law and Social Science and International Journal of Law in Context. She is currently working on her dissertation titled “Unruling Markets: How the Fight Against Monopolies Derailed Globally”, which examines why antitrust laws and policy have failed in their mission to prevent concentration of economic power with a transnational perspective.

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