Martin Seeliger

Martin Seeliger is a social scientist and has, since the days of his BA- and MA-studies, been interested in the social cohesion of plural societies under conditions of globalization. After receiving his PhD from the Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne, he has held various positions at the universities of Jena, Flensburg, Lüneburg and Hamburg. He is currently head of a research group on ‘Institutional Change and Labor’ at the University of Bremen. He has spent several semesters as a visiting researcher in a number of European countries, South Africa, Israel, Mexico and the United States. He holds a venia legendi (achieved through the compilation “Verhandelte Globalisierung” (i.e. ‘Negotiated Globalization’) in Sociology. His main topics of interest include labor relations, political and economic sociology and cultural studies.

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