Marc Schneiberg

Marc Schneiberg is John C. Pock Professor of Sociology at Reed College. He is an economic and organizational sociologist who researches the rise, contemporary fates, and economic consequences of organizational diversity and alternatives to giant, shareholder corporations in American capitalism. This work addresses both the evolution of cooperative and other alternative enterprise systems in the US, including electrical and agricultural cooperatives, insurance mutuals, community banks, and credit unions, and how the emergence of such enterprises can help upgrade markets, regulate corporations, and foster more decentralized and small stakeholder trajectories of capitalist development.

Schneiberg also studies association, regulation and self-regulation in American manufacturing and finance. He is Editor of Socio-Economic Review, and Consulting Editor of Sociological Science, has served on the executive councils of the American Sociological Association and the Society for the Advancement of Socio Economics, and has twice received National Science Foundation support for his research. He teaches courses in economic and organizational sociology (Economic Sociology, Institutional Analysis, American Capitalism, Sociology of Finance, Regulation) but also Race and Ethnicity and Race, Economic Sociology, and Organizations. His papers and course syllabi can be found on his webpage.

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