Lucio Baccaro
E: Industrial Relations and Political Economy

Lucio Baccaro is Professor of Comparative Macro-Sociology at the University of Geneva and Deputy Dean of the Geneva School of Social Science. He received a joint PhD in Management (Work and Employment Relations) and Political Science from MIT in 1999. Prior to joining the University of Geneva in 2009, he taught at Case Western Reserve University (1998-2000) and MIT (2006-2008) and held senior research positions at the ILO (2000-2005). He also held visiting teaching positions at the University of Milan, University of Vienna, and University of Turin (Collegio Carlo Alberto), and visiting research positions at the Max-Planck Institute for Social Research in Cologne. His current research focus is on the political economy of growth models (in collaboration with Jonas Pontusson).

His previous research has focused on the comparative political economy of industrial relations and labour markets, particularly on the origins and outcomes of collective bargaining structures, the impact of unions on inequality, trajectories of union revitalization, the socioeconomic effects of corporatist institutions, and the institutional determinants of unemployment and wage moderation. Another stream of research examines the origins and effects of participatory and deliberative institutions. He uses qualitative methods, econometric analysis of observational data, and experimental research depending on the issues, and has focused both on single countries (Italy, Ireland, Germany, South Africa) and on cross-country comparisons. A book on the trajectories of industrial relations liberalization co-authored with Chris Howell is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press in 2017 (Trajectories of Neoliberal Transformation: European Industrial Relations since the 1970s).

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