Larry Au

Larry Au is an Assistant Professor for the Sociology Department at The City College of New York’s Colin Powell School for Global and Civic Leadership. His research examines the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion in the production of biomedical knowledge, and asks how clinicians and scientists can better serve their patients and the public. Part of this work examines the globalization of precision medicine—or the use of genomics and other forms of big data to improve diagnosis and treatment—as a policy idea and scientific project, focusing primarily on its rise in China. Another part of this research looks at the politics of expertise around Long Covid, in particular, the experience of patients as they navigate uncertainties around their condition. His work has been published in Sociological Forum, Qualitative Sociology, Social Science & Medicine, SSM-Qualitative Research in Health, Science Technology & Human Values, Public Understanding of Science, and other venues. This research has been supported by the Luce/ACLS Program in China Studies, the Social Science Research Council, and other funders.

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