Katharina van Elten

Katharina van Elten is a political scientist and researcher at Bochum University, Germany, Department of German Politics. Having graduated in political science and sociology her research interests focus on interest groups and organized interests from an interdisciplinary perspective. As a doctoral student at the ‘Initiative for Excellence’- funded Bielefeld Graduate School of History and Sociology (BGHS) she studied institutional change and legitimacy of the contested German Chamber System from the member’s point of view. As a postdoctoral researcher at Bochum University her current research deals with the impact of the judicialization of politics, particularly with regard to digitalization and interests groups’ strategies of interest intermediation, emphasizing the changes in the German legal market and how organizations and their member’s actions are shaped by their identity. Katharina van Elten is board member of the working group ‘Organized Interests’ of the German Political Science Association (GPSA).

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