Kangsan Lee

Kangsan Lee is an assistant professor of Social Research and Public Policy in New York University, Abu Dhabi. He holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from Northwestern University, an M.S. in Organization Behavior from Yonsei School of Business (in Korea).
Lee is a sociologist whose research interests include economic sociology, organizations, entrepreneurship, sociology of art, and creative industries to study market valuation and social change with extreme uncertainty. His current researches examine inter-market status dynamics and valuation change across international markets, concentrating on fields that experience a rapid market shift, such as the art market and cryptocurrency market. Lee’s works have been published in academic journals and as book chapters. 
Also, he works on a new project, “Art and Data,” using an online-experiment and Machine Learning algorithm to examine the process of “valuing the valueless” and understand how different methodological approaches would answer different aspects of valuation. He teaches the sociology of entrepreneurship and the Organization and Society. His research has been supported through the Buffett Institute for International Studies and invited to the University of Alberta, University of Amsterdam, University of Edinburgh, Science Po. and HEC Paris.

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