Julimar da Silva Bichara
M: the Spanish Language Network

Julimar da Silva Bichara is Associate Professor at Departamento de Estructura Económica y Economía del Desarrollo at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). He has been a member of SASE since 2006, participating as a Spanish Language Network Co-organizer since 2008 and member of the Organize Committee of the SASE Iberoamerican Chapter. As a member of SASE’s Ibero American chapter, Julimar has participated of the three editions of SASE Ibero-American Meeting (2013 UNAM – Mexico; 2015 UFRGS – Porto Alegre, Brasil; 2017 – UTB Cartagena de Indias, Colombia) as member of the organized and scientific committee.

Recent papers are: Business cycle convergence and trade: Brazil and China in a changing world (Journal of Economic Policy Reform); Brazilian countercyclical economic policies as a response to the Great Recession: a critical analysis and an alternative proposal to ensure macroeconomic stability (Journal of Post Keynesian Economics).

I have recently extended my interest on Labor Relations, particularly about labor mobility and income distribution in Brazil. To date, I published: Survivors’ pensions and their impact on the Brazilian labour market (International Social Security Review); Labor Mobility, Informality and Wage Inequality in Brazil (Investigación Económica); Occupational mobility and income differentials: The experience of Brazil between 2002 and 2010 (Cepal Review).

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