Josep Borrell

Universidad Complutense, Madrid

Former President of the European Parliament and Professor of Economic Analysis at the Complutense University of Madrid, of which he been Chair since 1981, Josep Borrell has equally held positions as Spanish Secretary of State for Finance (1984-1991), Spanish Minister for Public Works, Transport, Environment, Housing and Telecommunications (1991-1996), and Member of the Spanish Parliament by the constituency of Barcelona (1986-2003). Further, Borrell has also been Member of the European Convention (2002 – 2003), President of the European Parliament (July 2004-January 2007), President of the Euro Mediterranean (Euromed) Parliamentary Assembly (2006), and President of the European University Institute (2010- 2012). He is the founder and first co–President of the EuroLatinAmerican (Eurolat) Parliamentary Assembly (2006) as well as Chair on European Economic Integration at Madrid University’s Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales.