Jordanna Matlon

Jordanna Matlon is Assistant Professor at American University’s School of International Service and an urban ethnographer who studies racial capitalism and the articulation of Black masculinity in Africa and the African diaspora. She is generally interested in the ways “Blackness” operates as a signifier, and as it intersects with gender norms, manifests in popular culture, and illuminates our understanding of political economy. Her book, A Man among Other Men: The Crisis of Black Masculinity in Racial Capitalism (Forthcoming, Cornell University Press), engages the histories, representational repertoires, and performative identities of men in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire’s informal economy and across the Black Atlantic to show how masculine identity and value are rooted within racial capitalism’s processes of labor, consumerism, and commodification. Matlon’s work has previously appeared in American Sociological Review, Antipode, Poetics, Ethnography, Contexts, and Boston Review, among other places.

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