Jiajun Xu

Jiajun Xu is an Assistant Professor and the Executive Deputy Dean of the Institute of New Structural Economics at Peking University. Xu worked in the United Nations and World Bank and currently acts as the General Secretary of the Global Research Consortium on Economic Structural Transformation (GReCEST), and the Researcher at the Public Policy Research Center of the Counsellors’ Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Her research focuses on development financing and global economic governance. She has published in top academic journals in the field of international development. Her academic monograph Beyond US Hegemony in International Development was published by Cambridge University Press in 2017. She has led a team to build a pilot database on Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) worldwide and pioneered research in the field of development finance. As the co-coordinator, she has initiated the International Research Initiative on DFI Working Groups where leading scholars and experts are brought together to foster academically rigorous research on development financing, and enhance its policy impact through the joint effort with such platforms as International Development Finance Club (IDFC) and association of Development Finance Institutions. Xu holds a DPhil (PhD) from the University of Oxford.

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