Jesuswaldo Martínez Soria

Jesuswaldo Martínez Soria is currently a researcher in Economic Development and Sustainability at the General Directorate of Strategic Research of the Belisario Dominguez Institute (IBD) of the Senate and a professor at the Faculty of Economics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

He holds a doctorate and master’s degree in applied economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) and a bachelor’s degree in economics from UNAM. His academic training includes diplomas in results-based budgeting, econometrics and labor economics.

In his research work at the IBD, he has participated in the elaboration of several studies on the labor market, health and social security and public policy monitoring. Among the publications that stand out from his work are the books he has coordinated on: Informality: Legislative Implications and Public Policies to Reduce It (2017) and Current Situation and Reform of Social Security in Mexico (2015).

In his professional career, he has served in senior positions in public administration in Mexico and has participated in various seminars, forums and congresses, national and international, on applied economics, labor economics, regional and urban economics and public policies.

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