Jésica Lorena Pla

Jésica Lorena Pla is a Sociologist and PhD in Social Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). CONICET researcher and professor of research methodology and the seminar on Structure and Social Mobility (UBA). She teaches graduate courses in social theory (UCA) and social research techniques (CLACSO), as well as other institutions at local and regional level. She has been a visiting professor at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, funded by the Coimbra Group Scholarship Programme for young professors and researchers from Latin American universities and has visited several universities as a postdoctoral stay (University of Strathclyde, University of Leeds, Middlesex University, University of Seville). He participates in research and cooperation networks on inequalities, such as the CLACSO Working Group “Structural heterogeneity and social inequality”, program 2020 – 2022. She has co-directed research programs at international level (Social Science Research Council SSRC and ODA Global Seedfund Project 2019-2021, University of Liverpool). At the local level she was Responsible Researcher IIGG node in PISAC COVID 19-00014 Structural Heterogeneity and Persistent Inequalities (2021), and is currently leading the PIP 2021 2023 GI project. Class structure and welfare arrangements.

Author of scientific articles at national and local level, she has recently compiled, together with Santiago Poy and Agustín Salvia La sociedad argentina en la pospandemia. Radiografía del impacto del covid-19 sobre la estructura social y el mercado de trabajo urbano, Siglo XXI Editores.

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